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  1. Decrease hazardous air emissions from the casting process – the project aims to replace the currently used organic binders with new inorganic binders.

  2. Improve the indoor air quality for a safer work environment – organic binders emit hazardous casting fumes and fine particles like binder aerosols.

  3. Improve the use of natural resources – using inorganic binders would allow foundries to use the foundry sand more efficiently. Project aims to demonstrate different methods for purification and re-use of surplus sand.

  4. Provide encouraging examples for the industry on an EU level by implementing the new inorganic sand moulding systems in iron and steel pilot foundries.

  5. Produce the necessary practical tools for the industry with required information on the implementation of inorganic sand moulding systems in ferrous foundries.

  6. Provide Smitheries and Foundries BREF with BAT publication including technical solutions of inorganic binder systems in ferrous foundries.